Version 16
  • SQL database
  • Telerik reports, allows modifying report parameters, previewing, downloading
  • Change/merge (Alt+C) function for Zip codes
  • Persistent user logins when switching companies, starting Client4, etc
  • Sales and Purchase History reports (1-5 & 1-19) can show unlimited number of transactions
  • G/L Account Type V to exclude items from Inventory Value report (1-7)
  • Option (Ctrl+D) to duplicate vendor bill
  • Option to print Bin Label from vendor bill
  • Option for 3-up vendor label printing on sheets (report 2-8)
  • Items Sales by Vendor and Quantity (new report 2-31)
  • Indicator on PO screen for number of bills and link to lookup
  • Allow multiple Group Codes on an item to enable more quoted price options
  • On printed invoice with cash discount show both net amount and discount
  • Show check count on Deposit Ticket
  • Order Payment Analysis (new report 8-20)
  • Option for 3-up name label printing on sheets (report 6-9)
  • G/L reports for any period as far back as desired
  • On G/L account screen, show monthly amounts for any 3 year period and allow scrolling by year
  • On G/L account screen, click any month or year to see detail in a 4-15 report
  • In ledger entry allow simultaneous multiple users
  • Allow editing prior customer payment (deposit) and automatically update the ledger
  • All new bank reconciliation app
  • On employee add Federal Wage Adjustment and Federal Status to support more tax tables
  • On G/L account add Cash flow Type
  • Sub-accounts, statement Type A and G can accumulate or group non-sequential accounts on financial statement
  • In ledger entry ".9" reference numbers are not restricted
  • No need to skip a check number when changing month
  • Add Date and Employee filters to Time Entry report (5-5)

Version 15
  • Access from browser client (phone, tablet)
  • Super search on report names
  • More screen reports are sorted newest to oldest (browser & html)
  • Doc manager, option to auto-create folder structure for each record
  • More long text fields
  • Email invoices and PO’s
  • Inventory value for any date
  • Import inventory count files on = screen
  • Option to include or exclude freight from list price updates
  • Tracking non-bill amount per vendor
  • Display total on A/P check writing selection screen
  • Add A/P option for electronic payments
  • Function to convert item to remark on bill
  • Add ‘copy block’ option to vendor
  • Signature capture with Cayan Genius credit card processing
  • Redesigned invoice layout with improved payment and balance section
  • Group sending invoices and statements
  • Option to turn off work order lookup on customer entry on R and M screens
  • Indicator on work order for alternate parts available
  • Indicator on work order for item out of stock, but enough on vendor order
  • Function to convert item to remark on work order, & invoice
  • UPS and Fedex Tracking Numbers, one-click tracking
  • Added address and verify links to the invoice, work order, and name screens
  • Deposit screen has amount tendered and change
  • Deposit screen, double-clicking to auto-pay invoice can use NIA credit
  • Reprice items and update G/L#’s when changing customer or customer type
  • Gross profit % on work order save
  • Margin option on pricing
  • F5 refresh payment info
  • New duplicate function starts from existing record and adds “reverse” and other options
  • Always Sell on customer screen auto-adds customer-specific items
Financial & Payroll
  • 6-digit check numbers
  • Add summary option to report 4-40, for summary by category
  • Added address and verify links to the employee screen
  • Expanded employee info

Numerous minor enhancements

Version 14
  • F9 will save the record and then clear the screen
  • F12 will save the record and keep it on the screen
  • Search Enhancements
    • Control + F on any field to search just that field
    • Control + F on repeat lines to search all repeat lines
    • Super Search includes record code on most screens
  • Macro enhancements
    • Extended Macro Dispatch using Shift+F4 (Allows dispatching macros not shown when there are too many to fit on the screen.)
    • Ctrl+G C can be used in a macro to copy a field
  • Company name in client caption
  • User name login
  • Mouse wheel support
  • Name export to Outlook and Google Contacts
  • Doc Manager (management of scanned documents and other files)
  • TAPI dialing (Allows ABC to dial phone numbers)
  • Ditto Dat (Lookups showing what has been entered in this field on other records)
  • Extended length text boxes
    • Bill Invoice ID
    • Customer Message fields
    • Inventory Discount Levels and Comment
    • Invoice Customer PO and Remark
    • Vendor G/Ls and Remark
  • Export to Microsoft SQL Server (optional package to sync changes to SQL Server automatically)
  • Added link for Today
  • Lined background on some reports
  • Option for opening spreadsheet after report to tabbed output
  • Customer Screen
    • Copy Block link to copy name and address to clipboard
    • Verify link to verify customer address on
    • New Invoice Link
    • New Work Order Link
  • Invoice and Work Order screens
    • Real time order/invoice totaling
    • Icons to indicate if items are in stock to cover customer order (Work Order screen)
    • Added unit BP for package price
    • Adder in unit with +
  • Double-click discount or payment applied on D screen to auto-fill
  • Additional commission codes M-Z
  • New production schedule report
  • Sorted report by customer & G/L
  • Report 3-14: option to filter by pay type
  • Report 3-39: replaces sales tax payable with credit card report
  • Report 3-1 print salesman code (it already had an option to sort by salesman)
  • Purchase Order screen
    • Alt + E dispatch to enter items on web page
    • Alt + Z create PDF
  • Ability to post pro-rated freight to purchase accounts, not freight account
  • Added FOB and Order From to Vendor screen
  • Added order multiple on Inventory screen
  • Report 1-11: programmed for order multiples and now skips default record codes
  • F11-A will create a word list for complete order and dispatch report 1-11
  • Report 2-23: show only open quantities and amounts and added date range
  • Report 2-24: show only open quantities and amounts
  • Report 2-32: added option for .5 x 1.5 label
  • A/P check stubs have bills and account numbers sorted numerically
  • Previous payment selections are not overwritten when adding new bills with A/P selection option number 2 on the Check Writing screen
  • Item merging
  • Alt+4 to quickly set a special discount
  • Print single bar code label
  • Extended inventory adjustments screen (=) to 200 lines
  • On inventory adjustments screen, (=) changed List# from 2 to 3 digits
  • Ability to track setup and freight costs per serial number
  • WUTISUPERSEDE utility to move data from superseded items
  • G/L tags / use tax tracking with tag lookup instead of job lookup in ledger entry
  • Bank reconciliation: shows filter (all/outstanding/returned) and mouse buttons
  • System setup: added Signature File Name for checks
  • Projected Cash Flow report
  • Loan calculator prints annual totals on calendar year
  • New ledger report 4-4
  • Check Format field on setup screen, option Q for Quick Books type check.
  • Report 4-40: show employer’s portion of FICA and Medicare
  • Report 4-42: add Other W/H (for Local Services Tax); print address
  • On employee screen add Automatic Vacation Y/N