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Empowering business.

About Us

ABC Software LLC is the producer of ABC Accounting, a fully integrated business accounting package for small and medium-sized businesses.

Accounts Receivable

Sell your products and services to hundreds of thousands of customers
yet easily see balances for each and their historical speed of payment.

No need to archive or purge old invoices to maintain a speedy system.
Search invoice line items for remarks or items with instant results.

Point of Sale

Streamlined and with barcoding and credit card integrations.

Long checkout lines are history.

Accounts Payable

How much do I owe and when is it due?
How soon do I need to pay to receive vendor discounts?

It's all right in front of you.

Simply select the bills you want to pay and presto! you can print the checks (already signed if you desire). Just put them in the mail. Done.

Employee Time Cards

Quickly calculate paychecks.
Track time to individual jobs and/or time operating specific machines.
Manual entry or computerized timeclock.

You've got choices.


Prefer to do your own payroll inhouse? Go for it. The tools are here!
Prefer to hire an outside firm? Not a problem.

Inventory Control

What's here? How much have customers ordered?
What's been ordered from my vendors?
How much should I order for the busy season?
Hard questions. Easy answers. Just use ABC.

Serial Numbers

Numbers... Numbers everywhere...
Buy them. Sell them. Pay for them. Track them.
You need to do it? ABC can help.

Service History

When was this item last serviced? Now you know. It's all right here.

General Ledger

From where did the money come?
To where did it go?
No need to wonder or guess.
You can know!